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3/24/2021 - Alert! The latest Windows 10 update is causing Dymo labels to print blank labels. To fix please upgrade your Dymo Label software to version 8.7.4.
Download using this link: Dymo Label Software 8.7.4


RxTask© is four programs in one.  It offers a pharmacy task management program, a compounding documentation program, an environmental sampling documention program, and an employee competency management program.  The software offers numerous reminder alerts which can be customized to fit each pharmacy’s needs. 

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Plan, schedule, & monitor monthly inspections for all areas where medications are used, stored, or administered.  Works great on the iPad or other internet connected touch screen devices.  

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RxVerify© is an easy to use program that uses  manufacturer's medication barcode to perform safe and accurate medication restocking.  RxVerify© will help make certain that you place the correct medication in the right pocket and in the correct quantity.  RxVerify© also tracks medication expiration dates making the process much more efficient than traditional manual processes. 

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